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At SIMPLICITY in addition to being of service at your time of need, we are also a resource to answer questions you may be curious about or have needed more information about.  On a weekly basis, Jim Dobbins will be taking time to  answer the questions that you submit.

This week’s question is from Payton, She asks:



“I wanted to be buried but I don’t want to have an expensive casket.  Can I buy my casket from Costco and have them bring it to you?


Great question Payton.  The answer is absolutely yes.  Any funeral home that tells you that they do not accept caskets from outside sources is wrong. Funeral homes are required to accept caskets from third party casket companies.   My only suggestion is to check with your local funeral home before purchasing a casket from a third party.  Many times the best price is not from them but instead from your local funeral home.  For example, we have a nice metal 20 gauge casket here at our funeral home that we sell for much less than many third party companies.  If you are interested in our economical prices on caskets please let me know and I will be happy to get you our price list.  Thank you for the question!


Jim Dobbins