Bernard C. Driggers

By January 5, 2015 Obituaries

Bernard C. Driggers, 54 of Summerville died on Wednesday.  Mr. Driggers had worked in construction.  Arrangements are by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services.


  • Sheila Renee Dohrmann says:

    Bernie was my brother and I miss him terribly, he will be so missed by many. He was a very loving and devoted son to our mother and a loving and caring brother , father and uncle. He loved animals and especially his pet rats… yes rats. He would rescue them knowing they would be sold for feed to other animals. He was a collector of books and artwork and had a small store setup for quite a few years until he was no longer able to do it anymore. We shared so many memories and I loved him dearly. I will forever keep you in my heart my brother and only wish we could have kept you with us longer. Love you so very much, Sheila ( Stellar Stu)

  • Dan Look says:

    Bernie will be missed, he had a great heart for friends and family. We were longtime childhood neighbors. We always played alley sports growing up and also other stuff that I can’t talk about. But we did have good times in the hood. Rest in Peace!

  • johnny says:

    Rest in peace my dear cousin and friend your spirit will surely be missed by many, May your soul roam free and far!

  • Vickie Lee says:

    We are so sad to hear of the passing of Bernie. He was a great friend to Don and Richie. He taught them of his unconditional happiness in friends and family. And was a great mentor. Anytime Bernie was home I always knew where to find my boys because they would watch for Bernie to come home so they could spend time with him. I dont think he ever realized what an impact he had on them because he was still a big kid at heart.We will miss you very much always Bubby Richie and Vickie Lee.

  • Tipper says:

    My dad was the best dad I could have ever asked for. He loved me and Andy so much. Tomorrow is my birthday and it hurts to imagine not getting a phone call like I did every year,my dad singing happy birthday to me. My dad loved life, and always could make people laugh, and smile. It’s his smile I will miss the most. My dad taught me to cherish everyday of your life, and always do what you have to do to make sure you’re happy. And to always make sure the people you love always know how much you love them. I knew how much my dad loved me, cause I felt it. And just because he’s gone doesn’t mean I can’t still feel how much my daddy loves me, and my daughter, my brother, my cousin, my aunt, and most of all my grammy. There won’t be a day i don’t think about him. And I know he’ll always be in my heart. My dad was so loved by so many people and will be greatly missed. It’s hard to say good bye, but I know he’ll always be with me.

  • Alexander Driggers says:

    Bernie was my uncle, and losing him is not easy. I wish I got to spend more time with him than I did due to long distance. But the distance never stopped him from being a great uncle to me and my Brother. I still have all of the Pokemon cards he used to send us. Little Post-it notes on each of them with a little story of how he came across them and why he chose them to send to us. Seeing how badly my Father and family has been hurt by this loss only speaks volumes as to what a great person Bernie was. I wish I could have flown out to be with everybody last week. As many people have said already, he will always be with us. Now, and until we see him again one day.

    Love you Uncle Bernie.

    -Alex Driggers-

  • Rosie says:

    Hello Bernie, I know that even though you are not here with us you can still hear us and know how much we love you and miss you. I will miss going treasure hunting with you, and all the laughter we you always

  • Lefty says:

    Bernie, my brother and my friend: Words can not say how much I will miss you. I will always remember the days of our childhood. Running and playing all day long in the back alleys around Ashland Avenue until the sun went down, never wanting to go back home, sitting on the back porch listing to a small transistor radio because that’s all we had, hoping to here the latest hit song come on, I remember the cardboard guitar you made and drew strings on it. It didn’t make any sound but you played it every day as if it did, until you taught yourself how to play one. Then you got your first real bass guitar and formed your own band. You lived like a rock star, and to me you were. I would tell everyone “Hey, my brother is in a band!” What ever prized possession you had, you would always offer it to me, no matter how big or small, or how much it meant to you. I will always remember you as a kid because you never grew up in your heart,. You would take each day as a child would, never caring what anyone thought, you would just do your thing. Your heart was bigger than you were. You always treated my children and wife with great respect and love, and always spoke so highly of them. We will never forget the wonderful gifts and love you shared with us, and how even as sick as you were, you were always trying to take care of mom. So many people will miss your presence and big smiling face in so many places, especially down the roads you traveled in South Carolina, and I know they will be talking about you for years to come. All of these thing are a tribute to how much you were loved. I will say good bye for Mousey your pet rat, and Myrtle the Turtle, because they would want that if they could. My heart hurts so much that you are not here. Until we meet again brother…I miss and love ya. Your brother Lefty.

  • Sheila Renee Dohrmann says:

    It has been 2 weeks now and I still can’t believe that you are gone. My heart aches so bad I feel like it is going to burst.You were my brother and my friend and I love you more than you will ever have known. I think about all of the concerts and just hanging out in the basement listening to you play and I long for those days. I will forever keep you in my heart my dear brother. Love Stellar

  • carol says:

    Well Bernie I guess I’ll always have the best parts of you, our beautiful babies,,we had our ups and downs,but u will always have that spot in my heart,,u letting me play Madonna in the basement lol,,I know that had to really irk ya,,but u never said a word,,u and I had a love like no other for a long time,,and from that came our beautiful baby boy Andy and our princess Tiffany, ,,your were so loving to me u treated me like your little babydoll for a long time,,I just wish things never had to change,,,,I remember my easter basket when I was pregnant with andy it was a hamper full of goodies lol,,,and the look on your face when I gave birth to our babies was priceless, ,u always told them no matter what,,do not ever treat your mom bad I watched what she went thru to get u here,,and I don’t think any other man ever quite looked at it the way you did,,,thank you for our life our kids, ,I will forever as long as I’m here make sure they are ok,,,love ya Bernie I wish u were here longer to watch our beautiful granddaughter grow into a Lil woman,,but I’m sure your here watching her everydayy,,,RIP my dear until we meet again 🙂

  • Damian says:

    It is so hard to believe that Bernie is gone. I meet used to hang out at his flea market booth. Then he got me a job working with him waterproofing. He had a big heart and a wonderful personality to go along with it . He always helped me out when i needed it and i tried to lend him a hand when i could. The world is a little darker without him around to brighten up the day with his humor. I extend my condolences to all his family .

  • Franklin D. says:

    Bernie my friend i will always remember our friendship when we were growing up on the streets of Chicago..

    the walks we all would take to the lake to hang out and the patience you had with me showing me how to play a bass guitar. I was hoping some day that our roads would cross again . but now I’m going to have to wait. You had nickname for everyone and mine was Franklin D. you was my pure friend a good friend and i miss that. So until we meet again R.I.P. and may god bless and who loved you.

  • sheila says:

    Valentines Day and I am thinking of you, I remember waking up and being so excited because we had our mail to open. I would rip them open and look at you and you were so careful not to tear the envelopes. you made the moment last. Bernie , you made every moment special and I know now what you meant. I love you my brother and I miss you so much. I know you will always be with me and watch over me. I want to thank you for being so good to mom and taking such good care of her, You were her best friend, please be her angel <3.. I love you,