Cathy Ann Catchings

By July 15, 2014 Obituaries

Cathy Ann Catchings, 55, of Summerville, died Friday. Arrangements are by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services, North Charleston, SC.


  • Cindy Kaufmann says:

    I knew Cathy for many years and have not seen her in many years. Her son and my son were close friends. She was always happy when I saw her. I feel for her Boys and pray for them all to find peace.T he loss of a Mother is a terrible thing. Rest in Peace Cathy.

  • James & Carolyn Catchings says:

    Cathy is our sister in law we love her and miss her. We are praying for James and Jesse and hoping you find the strength to get through this. Your Mother was a very special to all of us and everyone that knew her.

  • June Passailaigue says:

    Dearest sweet loving Cathy AKA “Crazy Cathy” us girls that worked together back in the day at Willie’s use to call her that that, for two reasons, one because she always made us laugh no matter what the mood was in that crazy place we worked. We could be totally frustrated and ready to SCREAM and she’d come up with something totally unexpecting and we would crack up with laughter!! The other reason was there was another Kathy but we called her Long hair Kathy. I loved Crazy Cathy with my whole heart….she was such a wonderful person inside and out….she knew exactly what to say to cheer me up when I needed it….she had a way with seeing the good in a person and the bad…..she could read a person like a book!! We had so many fun times when we bartended together back in the Willie’s days and alot of great times outside of work too.We have laughed together, cried together and have even aruged…however it never took long to forgive and forget “whatever” it was we were even arguing about (lol). We had many heart to heart talks about many things that had transpired in our lives over the years. She loved her boys with a vengance and would go through hell or high water for them. I also know she loved our mighty God, we had many talks about that and she went to church with me a couple times…..there is not a doubt in my soul that my sister is in heaven rejoicing with our King and that I will see her when I get there. Jesse and James (lil man) my heart and soul hurts for the loss of your wonderful Mother. She brought much joy to many in her life. As I said she loved you both with a vengence….she has gone home to be with our Father. Please keep the faith and follow God and know that you will see her again when you get there. With this….I say good-bye to my dear special loving friend Cathy, see you in eternity…..I love you girl!!!