Celebrating life are words that we take seriously.  Each life, whether short or long, is worthy of being celebrated.  Each person in our lives has brought unique and special moments to our relationships with them.  In death those relationships and memories should be celebrated.  They help us heal and find closure.

Celebration means something different to each person.  At SIMPLICITY we help you plan and carry out that celebration. Some families at the time of death want to plan a celebration or “party” to honor their loved one (especially families choosing simple cremation).  During his many years of funeral service, Jim Dobbins heard numerous families say, “We want to celebrate our loved one’s life with a cheerful event or party.  We don’t think the funeral home can do what we need.”  Those same families did initiate their own  celebrations/parties, BUT at the expense of their own emotions and exhaustion in the process.

Jim has listened to these concerns and heard loud and clear what families want.  He has concluded this: “If a family we serve wants a party, that is what they will get.  It will be to the family’s standards, not ours.”

If your idea of celebration is :

An Oyster Roast with Beer and Chili – That is what you will get.

An Ice Cream Social with all the fixings and topping  – That is what you will get.

A harbor cruise with wine, hors d’oeuvres and music – That is what you will get.

Whatever it is you and your family want, is what you will get.  To your standards, not ours.

As a wedding planner plans a special day, we help you plan a very special day as well.  To your standards, not ours.

The funeral home charges a very nominal percentage of the total cost of the “event.”  A valuable service to help you fully celebrate a life well lived!