The chart above shows ONLY the service charges of local funeral homes in the Charleston area for burial. ADDING A CASKET AND BURIAL VAULT AT MOST TRADITIONAL FUNERAL HOMES MAY ADD THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO THE FINAL COST. Adding a basic casket and vault at SIMPLICITY will be less than most funeral homes service charges alone.


At SIMPLICITY, we believe in offering the highest level of care and service at the lowest possible price.  We also believe that most all of the funeral homes in the Lowcountry are reputable and provide a valuable service to the public, however, our funeral home can do this at a lowest possible price.  This graph shows you how our professional service charges compare to that of other area funeral homes for burial.  Some families have informed us that they chose cremation because burial costs are simply too expensive.  Now you have a choice.  Our prices will save your family thousands of dollars compared to other  local funeral homes. 


Cremation is quickly becoming a choice of many families for final disposition.  Although basic cremation (without any services) is only one option, you will see again how our funeral home will save you thousands of dollars compared to other local funeral homes.