Dene Meeks

By May 30, 2014 Obituaries

Dene Meeks (Wilbert D. Meeks, Jr.) of Moncks Corner passed away after his courageous struggle with cancer on Thursday, May 29th in his home. He was surrounded by family and close friends.


Dene was born April 14, 1947 at Camp Kilmer, NJ to Wilbert D. Meeks and Louise Cole Meeks. His father was career military, so Dene enjoyed a childhood full of adventures in foreign lands.


Dene is a 1969 graduate of The Citadel and received his Masters Degree in Human Resources Development from Clemson University. He enjoyed a long career as a Human Resource Manager who was dedicated to helping his employees.


Dene is survived by his wife, Donna Eby-Meeks, his children Patricia Meeks Smith and Russell Meeks, both of Centerville, VA and his stepdaughter Keanna Eby, of Columbus, GA. He is also survived by his sister Patricia Meeks Loebs of Murrells Inlet, and was predeceased by his sister Sandra Meeks Billiter. Dene loved spending time with his children and grandchildren; McKinsey, Killian, Peyton, Niya and Tallie. He was a Master Griller who enjoyed preparing feasts for his entire family.


There will be private memorial services for the family. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society. Online condolences may be left at




  • Wayne Bieganousky says:

    I am very sorry to hear of Dean’s death. When I heard of his cancer, he seemed so optimistic about having more time. It was a jolt to learn that he has succumbed to an infection. My heart felt sympathies to his family. The Citadel class of 1969 will miss him this coming reunion.

    • Donna Eby-Meeks says:

      Dear Wayne,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Please know that Dene spoke very highly of you. He loved to regale me with stories about his days at The Citadel, sharing not only his antics, but those of many of his classmates, as well. We were both so looking forward to the reunion this Fall! It’s a shame that he didn’t get a chance to reconnect with his ’69 buddies one more time.

      We were quite optimistic about his cancer prognosis. Though he was diagnosed at Stage 4, he was responding quite well to his treatment and was learning how to LIVE with the cancer. His doctors up at Duke were very optimistic, and Dene never lost his positive attitude. This infection just came out of nowhere, and I’ll admit that neither of us was prepared for something like this, something so sudden. I’m just so grateful that we were able to get him home and enjoy some meaningful time with him.

      Thank you, Wayne, & God bless!

  • Lindler &Freddie Bootle says:

    Dear Tricia and Rusty and to all the grandchildren too,

    We are sorry to learn of the death of Dene, much too young. I know this is hard for you and I hope the love and sympathy we feel for you will help you know that we care. Please try to remember the good times when the sorrow is overwhelming. We have found that to help us with loss of those we love. When you were little, Tricia, your parents brought you by the house we were renting at folly for our vacation. Timothy was just a year old and had some small stones he had found and was carrying in his hand all day. He was asleep and the stones were on the floor by the screen door to the porch, where we were all sitting – no air conditioning then at the beach! Dene picked them up and pitched them out the door, thinking to clean up, I guess. We had to all go out and look for them, dene too, because we knew when the boy woke up he would holler for his treasure, as they were like gold to him! We all had such a time laughing about the episode that the memory is still with us! Time has gone so fast for us. It is hard to accept that our children are middle aged people, when we feel like we should be that age. We will be thinking of you and would be so pleased to see you whenever you are in Charleston. With our love, lindler and Freddie

  • Mary McDonell says:


    On behalf of the Macek family, we send you our love and prayers. I only met you at Sandra’s wedding, but knew immediately that you were Dene’s soulmate. I know that he was genuinely happy!

    I would love to have your address to keep in touch…maybe you can email me?

    With deepest sympathy and tons of affection,

    Mary Macek McDonell and all the assorted brothers 🙂