George Otis Brown

By January 31, 2014 Obituaries

Mr. George Otis Brown (63 yrs old)

Sunrise November 19, 1949

Sunset January 26, 2014

            George Otis Brown was born and raised in the Bronx, NY to Otis and Inez Brown. Diane and Michael would come after their brother George.

He leaves to mourn his wife Shirley (Sheryl)Brown. He leaves to mourn his sister Diane DeNully and brother in law Vincent DeNully and his brother Michael Brown.

His children Tijuan and Demetrius Brown, Tonya Williams, Tyesha Harvey, Sadequia Brown, Cynthia and Jeff Kelly, Jabron Brown, Jamal Collins.

His grandchildren: Devuan, Kitali, Amir, Demetrius, Deron, Emani, Alexis, Emauri, Jamal Jr., Isaiah, Justin, and Brittany.

His nieces and nephews: Malik, Shamica, Keyon, Ayanna and a host of family and friends.




“Be Better Than Me”

            George never met a stranger. He was a people person. Once you let him in your heart you would never forget him. Funny, charismatic and some might say that in his hay day he wasn’t too bad looking. He was confident everywhere he went. And he could dance like it was nobody’s business. He was assertive to the point that you could easily forget that he only stood 5ft 2 with his larger than life attitude.

George was born first in the Fall of 1949 on a Saturday to his parents Inez(Tiny) and Otis(Stone). The following year his sister Diane was born, and lastly but not least his brother Michael. “The three musketeers” Like all siblings they fought, they played, they laughed but this bunch was inseparable. George laid out the plans but would let Diane think that she ran the show and Mike would go with the flow. Time passed and Diane had her crew and George and Michael became partners in crime.

George nick name was Bumpsy, given to him at a young age by his mother’s acquaintance. And that’s who I would meet three decades later, Uncle Bumpsy. At the time he was working for NYC Transit driving the big blue and white bus. Running late for the second shift he would bust through the front door of his mother’s house yelling for his lunch: “Mamma I gotta go.” She already knew because she had watched him enter the building from her 6 floor apartment building. With a smile she watched him grab the slightly oiled stained brown paper bag she had prepared for him just moments earlier… fried chicken legs with a little mayo spread on slices of wonder bread. And off he went.

Too many memories to mention, fast forwarding to his retirement. Shirley Collins and George met in the Bronx and May 27, 2000 in South Carolina and to our surprise he would not only move to South Carolina but marry Shirley. Soon after Shirley would joke with his mother that she was returning him because he had gotten on her last nerves, and Grandma would reply with a burst of laughter: “Oh no you asked for him, you can’t send him back!”

If George new the hour right before he was to step into eternity…

 I imagine he would’ve told us:

“If you need to cry, cry. Remember the laughs and the good times. Don’t dwell on the bad times… that’s the past. You can’t do nothing about that. It’s gone. It’s over. Whatever I was supposed to do and didn’t do, it’s your turn to do better than me.

Do better than me…be better than me. Love you.”

We Love You Too and You will be Missed… Forever In Our Hearts

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  • Danny Major says:

    We are so sorry for you’ll loss. R.I.P. Gorgeous G. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten by us. The

    Guys from Ladson/Summerville miss you and will be praying for the family in these trying times. May God Bless.

    Danny M.