Gerald Floyd Wysong

By April 28, 2015 Obituaries

Gerald F. “Jerry” Wysong of Charleston passed away peacefully on April 27 at the age of 85 in the North Charleston home of his son and daughter-in-law, Dennis and Leeann Wysong. In addition to Dennis and Leeann, Jerry is survived by daughters Pamela Lenigan (Michael) of Dover, Delaware; Linda Bolduc (John) of Dover, Delaware; Janice Wysong of North Charleston; and Rebecca Wysong Thomas of Orlando, Florida. Jerry was “Papa” to his 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, “Uncle Jerry” to his many nieces and nephews, and the brother of Wayne Wysong and Ruth Wysong Thompson.

In addition to his wife Verda Ruth, Jerry was preceded in death by his parents, Hattie and Alfred Wysong; his sister, Alice Wysong Gleason; and brothers, James and Allen.

As the owner of AAA Wysong Glass Company, Jerry was known to be a skilled and talented glazier in Charleston and the surrounding area for over 55 years. He was a member of the Charleston Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

In recent years, one of Jerry’s favorite past times was “searching the net” for any information that he felt would improve the health and well-being of those he loved, never once missing the opportunity to espouse the benefits of organic coconut oil and ionized water.

We love and miss you, daddy. You were truly one of a kind.

Arrangements are by Simplicity Low Country Cremation and Burials. A private memorial service will be held at the convenience of the immediate family.


  • Leeann Wysong says:

    We love and miss you very much papa. You were like a father to me and I will never forget you. We had our little battles but like you said sunday the 26th we are a family and I am so glad you knew that and fellt that. I only wish we had more time with you. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. I love and miss you so much. I was the last person you told ” I love you” to and wrapped your arms around. Much love your way.

  • Linda Bolduc says:

    Saying good-bye has always been hard for me…so I am not going to write a good-bye. My hope and prayer is that I will see you later, daddy. However, saying “thank-you” comes easily. So I am going to thank you for just a few of the gifts you gave me. First of all, I thank you for choosing Verda Ruth Flowers to be my mother; and I want to thank you and mama for Pam, Denny, Jan and Becky; for without them, I would feel lost right now. I thank you for teaching me the value of hard work…because it does pay off. I want to thank you for the times you came to visit in Delaware and left a couple of twenty dollar bills tucked away somewhere that I would find them shortly after your departure. Back then, forty dollars meant a great deal to John and me…as it did to you. I want to thank you for teaching me that it is important to treat others with respect; and that I was no lesser than or better than anyone else. I want to thank you for accepting and loving John. I also want to thank you for giving us a black 1962 (I think!) Caddy when our car bit the dust shortly after we got married. If I recall correctly, we also got another one and an old work truck that John used for hauling wood for our wood stove. So I thank you for helping keep us warm for many years! Thank you for calling your young children on many a Christmas Eve to tell us that Santa had been spotted in the sky. Oh, and for teaching us to say “How now brown cow.” Thank you for sharing the health tips that you picked up on the internet. Thank you for not over-reacting when I told you that I hadn’t followed any of them. Well, I did use coconut oil…on my legs. I could go on and on and on because this doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. However, in the interest of time and space, I will close this message by saying that “I love you” has always been and will always be something that I LOVE to tell others who have cared for me, supported me, comforted me, laughed with me (and at me), argued with me, disagreed with me, spanked me, infuriated me, helped me, guided me, loved me and never gave up on me. The last words I spoke to you were, “I love you daddy.” And I always have. And I always will. – Linda

  • Nathalie Melvin says:

    We love and miss you Papa! You were one of a kind, and the best Papa ever. xxoo

  • Pamela Wysong Wiemers says:

    Thank you, Daddy, for all the values you instilled in your five children. I am so proud of each one of us and recognize your contribution to our growth and development. Mother always told us that we were her earthly treasures, and I know that each one of us was precious to you too.

    You both told us frequently that education was important for our futures. You count among your offspring the daughter who successfully ran a local business for more than 30 years, a teacher, and three nurses. All of us have touched many, many lives in a very positive way.

    I remember Christmases when at every mention of the holiday, your response was “Bah, Humbug” yet every Christmas eve found you up late, assembling whatever needed your attention, sometimes well after midnight, and sending us back to bed over and over (when we woke you with “Daddy, can we get up now?”) until you finally would give in by maybe 4 or 5 am Christmas morning, letting us get our hands on our treasures.

    As does Linda, I remember your generosity, never allowing us to leave home after a visit, without asking us how much money we had, were we OK, and if we needed anything for our trip, when you were maybe offering a fair amount or all of what you had.

    During your last days, you repeatedly asked about each of us by name, and asked that we be told of your love for us. You also gave assurance that you were in God’s hands, and for us not to worry.

    I wish for more time with you, but I look forward to the day when we will be called forth to meet our Saviour in the air. How I look forward to gathering all our family together, without the struggles and heartaches of this life, where we can be together forever.———–Pam

  • Cindy McCants says:

    I will miss Uncle G, as I called him. He was a character, and as he went about life in his own way, he blessed others with his generous spirit. I got to know him more in the last 15 or so years after moving back home. We often emailed, until his computer developed too many “bugs” and he gave it up. Over the years he brought me all kinds of Watkins products…(loved that spicy garlic soy sauce which I ordered until they quite making it). He also emailed me jokes and the latest and greatest health info., sharing what he was researching at the time, and sending me links to this or that expert. The ionized water and coconut oil were on my list too. In fact, he brought us ionized water for ages and I finally bought my own machine. I teased him when he grew out his beard, calling him woollybully. Uncle G was concerned for others and was generous and kind to many people. I look forward to the day when we can all be reunited, perfect in Christ.