Green Burials are somewhat new to our current culture, although a green burial is actually the oldest form of burial. Many options are available when it comes to a green burial. A full funeral prior to a green burial is a real option other than the embalming process. No chemicals or metal may be buried in the cemetery. Typically those choosing green burial opt for a simple and serene setting at graveside where the deceased is wrapped in a shroud or placed in a simple, all-wood casket, typically made of pine.

South Carolina is one of the few states that have multiple green cemeteries. The green cemeteries in South Carolina are vastly different from one another. 

One offering comes in the form of a quiet open field where the deceased are buried in a fashion similar to a typical cemetery (side by side one another).  This cemetery does not require any sort of marker or monument to be placed but may do so if the family wishes to.  This particular option is the most cost effective, with our services and the services of the cemetery amounting to a total of $2300 (add $700 for a wooden casket made of pine).

The other offerings are more along the lines of conservation and harmony with nature.  In this cemetery, an individual may be buried within a true nature preserve, whether it is near a or under a tree or next to many other natual places of beauty.  There is a chapel on site that may be used by family members using this cemetery for their services at no additional charge.  The fully charges for this cemetery total $3500 (add $700 for a wooden casket made of pine). This includes all of services of our funeral home and the services and plot at the cemetery.  A stone marker is also included in the price of these services.