Jean Rabon

By January 5, 2015 Obituaries

Jean Coggins Rabon, 67

July 10, 1947- January 4, 2015

Summerville, South Carolina

Simplicity: Lowcountry Burial: 7475 Peppermill Parkway

January 8, 2015 3pm-4pm


Jean Coggins Rabon was born on July, 10 1947 to Margie Williams and Roy Williams in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Jean graduated from Moultrie High School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and then attended the University of South Carolina.  Jean was a bookkeeper for over forty years and then retired to become a substitute teacher for Dorchester District 2 School County. Jean loved to take beautiful pictures and support her favorite bands whenever possible. Jean is survived by her two sons: William (Griff) Sellers, of Summerville, and her daughter in law, Joni Sellers; William (Bert) Rabon, of Summerville, and her daughter in law, Salena Hunt-Dyke.  She is also survived by her four grandchildren: Katlyn Sellers, Haley Sellers, Jarrett Sellers, and Sofie Rabon. She is also survived by her great granddaughter, Jaylynn Kelly. In lieu of flowers, donations are accepted to offset funeral costs. The funeral and service will occur on January 8th, 2015 starting at 3pm to 4pm. The service will be held at Simplicity, Lowcountry Burial at 7475 Peppermill Parkway.


  • Rebecca Eaton says:

    Rest in peace Jean

  • Jeffrey Flood says:

    Such a wonderful lady. Always had a smile and knew how to make people laugh. God bless her family through this tough time

  • Claudia Woodward says:

    Jean has been my friend and constant companion over the past three years, though is seems we were friends for a lifetime. I will miss our long talks and numerous phone calls. We shared all out laughter and all our tears. I had watched my friends health slowly slip away over this last year. Gone were the many days that we slipped away to Ryans for lunch or sat for hours on the porch talking about the kids or years gone by. I would go in a see her in her bed, she would be sleeping or maybe playing with her computer, but she was losing the will to get up and walk, and even the ability to sit alone.. I knew the time was growing closer that she would bid farewell to this old earth and take her place in the heavens above.
    That is were you are today dear friend. You are not confused or disoriented. Gone are the crutches and electric wheel chair ( which you teased about being a race car) No more joint pain, no more sickness. Now you are young again and dancing a jig. Laughing an talking and making new friends.

    Jean wouldn’t want us to cry, she would want us to celebrate her life. We never went anywhere that she didn’t see someone she knew and that person would throw their arms around her, give her a big hug and a great big smile. She was loved by so many.

    She could be so funny and even unpredictable. Here she was, always smiling and sweet around me. One night we were driving down on main and a car full of young male jerks kept pulling up on my bumper and honking and racing the engine of their car. I was a little frightened, but low and behold, all of a sudden Jean was holding a crutch out the window and saying things that I had no idea she ever thought of. The car spun around a corner and took off out of site. She slowly pulled the crutch back in the window, lit a cigarette, looked at me and we both fell into a hysterical fit of laughter.

    Oh yes, Miss Jean I will miss you so much. But I will be seeing you again. I love you. Your friend. Claudia