Kenneth Raymond Westdyk

By July 9, 2014 Obituaries

Kenneth Raymond Westdyk, 66, of Mt. Pleasant, a tour guide and husband of Roxanne Westdyk, died Wednesday. Arrangements are by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services, North Charleston, SC.


  • Joan Lemmerman Rikettson says:

    I grew up with Ken in Wyckoff. A great guy! He will be sorely missed!

    • Roxanne Westdyk says:

      Dear Joan,
      You have always been a friend to Ken. He spoke of you often. He is in a better place and no more suffering. He had 5 strokes and I learned the day before he passed he had lung cancer. It is a blessing the stokes took his life as lung cancer death is very painful. Our precious grandson 9 year old, Thomas call the night before and told him to have a safe journey to heaven and to be sure to to say hi to all our friends and family in heaven and that he loved him very much. We know he heard Thomas as his body relaxed. Thomas was very close to his Poppy as we picked him up everyday from school and had special time every afternoon. Ken and I completed our marriage vows to death. 42 years in September! A wonderful friend to so many! Thank you for friendship to him all these years.

  • Erin Caldwell says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Ken’s death.
    Thinking about you & your family!

    • Roxanne Westdyk says:

      Dear Erin,
      Thank you for the wonderful care you extended to Ken while he was in Roper Mt Pleasant. Thank you for your friendship and encouraging words to me. You are truly a gift to all those you care for!

  • Laurie Merkel Mount says:

    I cannot wrap myself around the fact that Kenny has moved on. I know how much he loved (and still loves and watches over ) his family and counted on them. At the last reunion Ken told me Roxie was the reason he had had such a wonderful life!
    I met Ken when we were very young and we depended on each other in those early years of Coolidge School to be best friends and a sounding board for all the problems of growing up. Friends from those years, even if we do not meet or speak today, are kept in us; they are part of who we were and who we became. I will always be grateful and feel blessed that I knew Ken. Those of us from that time know we carry that special bond.
    My prayers are with you Roxie and your sons and grandchildren during these days and the months to come.


  • Barbara Burslem Hubbard says:

    Dear Roxie…we have never met but I was Ken’s steady girlfriend for 2 years in high school ! The last time I spoke to Ken was a few years ago when I was living in Alaska; he lectured me about living so far away from my kids (I have 2 sons also). He spoke to me about how much he loved his family and made me miss my kids so much I took his advice and moved back to NJ. The ironic thing is I have has several strokes also and the latest was on Monday. I was stunned to hear of his passing…Ken was my first love. I am so sorry for you and your sons. I will always remember Ken fondly and will pray for you and your family. Love, Barb

  • Nelson Wong says:

    Westdyk family:

    I knew Ken from High school days, must admit have not seen him since high school graduation night nor kept up with him since that day. My fond recollection of Ken as a fellow classmate was favorable. He was then and hopefully was the rest of his life a pretty funny, witty, intelligent person. Great sense of humor and wit – incredibly intelligent. We always sat by each other due to an alphabetical pairing of last names. His family patronized my parent’s family business, and I recall his parents owned a swimming pool franchise in Wyckoff N.J.

    Sorry for his passing, and I feel fortunate to have known Ken, even if it was briefly more than 48 years ago- I do recall him in a positive manner and I am certain the life he led was such and he touched others around him similarly.

  • Pam Yarborough says:

    Dear Roxanne,
    I was very sorry and saddened to hear about Ken I will miss him very much! We had a lot of fun and good times
    working [email protected] Adventure Sightseeing
    He would always have some funny stories to tell that would make me laugh! But he also spoke a lot about you , your two sons and Thomas. Ken was a great person and he also spoke about how he was a christain
    and loved the lord jesus ! I know for sure that heaven will be getting another angel ! God Bless you and your family! With all of my love Pam and Family

  • Larry Kyse says:

    Dear Roxanne,

    Christine and I want to extend our sincere sympathy for Ken’s passing. Tim sent me the link and I have sitting and smiling at all the Ken stories from baseball, hockey, sign making and the hardware store in Clifton. Ken was truly unique and lived a very interesting life. He touched many people in Wyckoff and we are poorer for his loss. Please pass on our condolences to Justin and Blake

    Larry and Chris Kyse

  • Megan Kotila says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I worked at Miller Signs when Ken was a salesman there. I met you at a Christmas party for Millers, and thought the world of the both of you. I have been looking for Ken for years, to repay a small loan he gave me many years ago, to help me through a tough time. I am shocked to be reading this obituary for the first and only time I found a return on his name.
    I would love to be able to have lunch with you, or just go out for coffe and a drink. I am back in Charleston and
    hope to hear from you at some point. Please send me an email whenever you can. I am so sorry to hear about this. I will miss him, and sincerely wish I could have run into him since Ive been back.

    My condolences and tons of sympathy.

    Megan Kotila