Margaret Long

By May 11, 2013 Obituaries


Margaret Long, 68 of Ridgeland died on Saturday.  She was the wife of Charles Long.  Arrangements are by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services.


  • Barbara Shinn says:

    I love you and miss you dearly. You were a WONDERFUL friend, mother, wife and grammy. I find comfort in knowing that you are at peace now. I was sorry to hear you left us but I was comforted in knowing that Grumpy was with you the whole time. We will see you again soon. Love you bunches.

  • Wayne and Frances Gordon says:

    So sorry for your loss. Maggie was a wonderful Lady and a good friend. She will be missed. We were blessed to have her in our lives. Our sincere sympathy is with you all during this difficult time. Please know our Love, Thoughts, and Prayers are with you Chuck, and Family. May God Bless You, and be with You. Our Love to you all.

  • Wayne and Frances Gordon says:

    So sorry for your loss. Maggie was a wonderful Lady and a good friend. She will be missed. We were blessed to have her in our lives. Our sincere sympathy is with you all during this difficult time. Please know our Love, Thoughts, and Prayers are with you Chuck, and Family. May God Bless You, and be with You. Our Love to you all. (((Big Hugs)))

  • Brandon Woodard says:

    I never really had a chance to know you long but i am very happy that i got a chance to meet u at all… u were an amazing woman from what i heard and an even greater mother and grandmother… i really wish i would have had the chance to know u longer but God has his plans for us all and your plans led u 2 heaven… he must have needed u up there pretty badly… im sure whatever he has is mind for u is of the up most importance… im sure your making us all proud up there and i know i felt u smiling down on us Saturday at the wedding… and thank u again for stopping the rain… may your eartly body rest in peace and ur heavenly spirit keep your family and friends safe as they continue on their journeys… we all love and miss u dearly…

    • Barbara Shinn says:

      WOW Brandon!! Thank you sooo much for your kind words. You made me cry!! That was very sweet of you to say those things and I am sure she is happy to know you feel that way. Love you bunches.

  • Chuck Long says:

    Baby, the final moments we were together when I knelt in front of you and you leaned against me putting your head on my shoulder. While rubbing your back, I felt you slipping away to be with God. I didn’t want you to leave, but knew you were tired and was ready. We have 7 wonderful children, 7 beautiful grandchildren and a beautiful granddaughter-in-law to help keep me strong until it is time for me to be with you again. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND I WILL MISS YOU DEARLY

    • Barbara Shinn says:

      I find it a GREAT comfort to know that you were with her until the VERY end!! She loved you very much and I know that you loved her as much!! You have ALWAYS been a wonderful father, grumpy, and role model for this family and for that I am truly grateful. I know that you will miss momma greatly but please take comfort in knowing that one day you will be together again. Thank you for all that you did to make mommas life better. WE LOVE YOU and we are here if you need ANYTHING at all.

    • Sandy Hanna says:

      I’m not good with words…..but I want you to know how blessed you were to have Maggie as your wife and best friend. I know that you will miss her….you were together for a very long time.


      Sandy and Roger

    • Jon Jeffress says:

      Uncle Chuck, so sorry to hear of your loss.

      Thinking of you,

      Jon and Julie

  • Colleen Kleist says:

    I will miss you more than words can say. I am glad that you did not suffer and aren’t in pain anymore. I just wish you had been able to make the wedding and have one last time to say goodbye to everyone who loved you so much. I will be forever grateful for the time we had together before you passed. I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers. The fact that Chuck was with you at the end means a lot. He told me you were the love of his life and I know he will miss you with all his heart. Chuck you will always be my family and I love you for all the you did for Momma throughout her whole life not just at the end.

    Momma just know even though we are all hurting now and will miss you everyday, we will be able to go on and live our life’s knowing you are watching over us all. We will be together again some day.


  • Bobby L. Musick (Son) says:

    God took you away to ease your pain, yet he left us crying… but now the right thing to
    do is think about all the great MEMORIES we had with you that no one can ever take away from us.

    I will always remember you when I do my crafts (because you are the one that really got me
    into it). I will miss all the stories and laughter that we shared together. Dad is right about all the things
    he has said in his comment. I am one of the 7 wonderful children. Maggie I know that you will look
    down on us and help our Lord protect us from going in the wrong direction. I know that you will not have
    to worry about Dad because he will be taken care from all of us. Yes we all are in different places but if
    he calls and need us, we will do are very best to help him. Maggie you will never be forgotten and you will
    always be in are hearts. I will miss you dearly. So not to say good-bye I will say bye for now until we meet

    Love Always,
    Your Son Bobby

  • Nikki and Mike says:

    We will always Cherish the memories and moments we’ve shared, from the little everyday things to the very special occasions. You will forever be in our thoughts,minds and hearts. Rest gently in the arms of God.
    all our love,forever….Nikki and Mike

  • Lisa Foster says:

    I never realized how much I’d miss you when you were gone. I wish I would have had one more chance to see you before you went. Remember when you took away mine and Christina’s Vanilla Ice tape? You said it was inappropriate for little girls to hear. I was so angry with you but you were right! Now, as a mother, I find myself doing the same thing to Mina and Jordan…protecting their innocence. Thanks for making Christina and I sit down and watch Oprah when she was talking about issues that you thought were important. At the time I thought it was silly but they really were important lessons.

    I’ll never forget all of the video and board games we use to play. I don’t recall any of us beating you at Scrabble. You are still the champ! We had a lot of fun!! I still laugh at how I thought you didn’t know how to drive because Dad was always behind the wheel when we went places. I guess it’s a woman thing because I do the same to Dylan. You were there when I got to make my very first snowman at 16…freezing your butt off standing in the doorway but you didn’t stop recording. Make sure you show everyone in Heaven that home video of me twirling my skirt and don’t forget to play it in fast forward. Oh yeah, and that super cool music video we made while you and Dad were at work.

    I’m glad Dad was with you during your final hours and that it was peaceful. I know he loves you very much! We will always be there for him so don’t worry. I know you are in a better place but I still wish you were here. We all miss you so much already!! Thank you for being a good mom and Grammy…teaching us so much even though we were all stubborn at times.

    One more thing…Mina and Jordan asked if Grammy could feed their fish? I told them you wouldn’t mind.

    Love you lots,

    Your daughter Lisa

  • Lisa M. Lewis says:

    Maggie…..thank you for being there for my Dad and Uncle Chuck when my Mom passed away. And thank you for making my Uncle Chuck happy! You were certainly alot of fun when we all got together! I can just imagine the trouble you and my Mom are causing! We love you Maggie.

  • Charlene and Grant Cottrell says:

    We’re so very sorry for tha passing of Maggie. She’ll be missed. Chuck and Maggie, were such a great
    couple. You could just feel the love the two had , when you walked into their house.

  • Frances Usher Jackson says:

    My love and sympathy to Mrs. Long’s family. I know she will be greatly missed.

  • Christina, Bruce, and McKayla says:

    Where do I begin, Maggie? I guess I’ll think of this as if I were calling to talk to you. I haven’t posted until now because I don’t know what I want to say. So much is going on inside my head. You know I called you many times just so I could “think out loud” while you listened. I usually worked it out by the time I was finished talking to you. Here goes…

    Thank you for working so hard with dad to make our summers so much fun for us when we visited. I didn’t realize until I had McKayla how much hard work it was for the two of you. Especially when you first came in the door after working all day and Lisa and I were attacking you two to go out and eat or do something else. I didn’t know that being the parent was such hard work and I want you to know I appreciate what you did for us.

    I read Lisa’s post and laughed. I remember watching her twirl her dress in fast forward and rewind over and over again while we laughed about it. And don’t forget when she told us where Mimi went off to…that was funny too! I think back on the time Bruce and I visited and we pulled out the music video and him asking how you and Dad kept a straight face when Lisa and I first showed it to you. I have to give you and Dad a lot of credit because watching it again now, it is hilarious! I am thankful that the two of you didn’t laugh when Lisa and I were younger and so proud of what we did 🙂

    You have been a wonderful grammy to McKayla and all of the other grandchildren. Remembering birthdays, and the little Valentine’s day cards and such. I’m not sure if Grumpy will be able to keep up with those. As long as her remembers birthdays we will be happy 🙂

    Also, thank you for making the phone calls for us when Bruce and I got the news about McKayla a couple of years ago. It really helped ease the burden to call one person and have you pass it on. Thank you so very much for getting everyone when we needed you all so much.

    I want to thank you for being so wonderful to Dad. I am glad that you two had the years together that you did. I feel like dad handled himself very well a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure things happened the way they did so you and dad could have your last moments together without anyone that you didn’t know intruding into such a personal time. I can tell you that as a nurse that has witnessed many patients last moments, I still feel like a voyeur during a time that is very private for loved ones. You can rest easy knowing that we are all going to be looking out for dad (and it sounds like his work family is doing the same).

    We love you and miss you so much already. Thank you for letting us take so many pictures at Easter. It means a lot to me to be able to have some of you with McKayla. Thank you for listening. I’ll be sure to talk to you whenever I need to think things through.

    Love you,
    Christina, Bruce and McKayla

    P.S. I told McKayla that you are at Rainbow Bridge playing with Ivan and Sam while you all wait for the rest of us, so take care of each other, okay? We will all meet again when it is our time.

  • Dylan Rufe says:

    Hey Maggie, eventhough we only met once it was a pleasure to have gotten the chance. The few times we talked made me want to spend more time getting to know and see you. I regret not getting to see you before you left us. The kids always enjoyed the extra stickers you put in their cards or the Christmas decorations you sent. They were a big hit with Mina. She loves making crafts, I’m sure she would have loved to learn from you. It’s tough your gone, but we are happy your not in anymore pain. We think your leaving sutle little hints to us all that your watching over us. We notice them and smile and cry. You touched a lot of people and will be missed.

    Dylan Rufe

  • Herb Garver says:

    Maggie I know you and Esther are looking down on Chuck and I. When we got together in Statesville, you said
    you and Esther would hug each other in Heaven and then go to Walmart together and then go to the library and do some reading. God has two beautiful angels with him now and later Chuck and I will be there with you both again. You both are in a wonderful place with no worries. Chuck and I miss you both and LOVE you both forever. Chuck and I will be in contact with each other, and know we are the best of friends. Maggie, Chuck and I will be with you both soon.