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Specialist in assisting families with Body Donation



Body Donation Process

We’ve outlined the basic procedure for donating your body to Science Care and made the process as straightforward as possible, not only to be efficient, but to keep it very simple for your loved ones or caregiver.

  • It starts with a short medical screening over the phone (800.417.3747) at the time of passing to determine if the potential donor matches current research criteria.
  • If a person is under hospice care, this medical screening can be done ahead of time through our HOPE Program: A Guarantee for Hospice Patients.
  • We then confirm proper, legal authorization is on file.
  • The donor is then transported to a Science Care facility.


After Donation

  • The tissue is procured and used for a variety of medical research and education projects, such as cancer research, Alzheimer’s research, and training surgeons on the latest medical advancements.
  • The tissue not used for research is cremated and available for return within 3-5 weeks.
  • Following donation, we’ll send a letter that updates the family on current research projects and the impact their loved one has made to society.
  • The family also receives a certificate that a tree has been planted in honor of the donor at the one-year donation anniversary through our participation with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Science Care covers all costs of donation, including cremation, transportation, filing of the death certificate and return of the cremated remains.
Many people think that body donation registry can only happen before death.  In fact body donation can happen immediately after death as well.
Please call us immediately to learn more about this special  service and how your gift can help generations to come.