We set out to develop SIMPLICITY as a welcoming facility without the traditional funeral home feel.  Even our entrance says, “Welcome.”  Our comfortable rocking chairs help you feel at home.








Within our 3500 square foot facility, you will find a chapel suitable for a pleasant gathering or funeral service.  Again, we focus on warmth within our chapel to give it a feeling of home.  Occupying our chapel is a 40-inch High Definition TV that will allow each family the opportunity of viewing a video tribute or video biography of their deceased love one if they wish. 







Our foyer offers a relaxing spot to offer condolences or visit and enjoy conversation with loved ones and friends.  Another High Definition TV occupies the foyer for further viewing of  the video tribute or video biography.







Our kitchen/hospitality area offers a place to grab a hot cup of coffee or relax with a sandwich.  This area has the capacity for all families to bring in food and drink as well as the option of having SIMPLICITY cater your services for you.  Within the kitchen/hospitality area,  there is also a pub table (not shown) at which to sit and relax.







Comfortable couches in the foyer give you an opportunity to relax and with family and friends







Another view of the foyer leading to the kitchen/hospitality area. 








Our service van and Cadillac hearse are impeccably maintained in order to service your family.