Paul Joseph Moravek

By May 17, 2013 Obituaries

Paul Joseph Moravek, 35, a machinist, died Thursday. Arrangements are pending at Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services.


  • Mary Moravek says:

    My big brother, I love you no matter what, and I know you love me. There are a lot of broken hearts now that you are away. We are celebrating YOU, the Grasshoppa and all the fire you seared in our hearts. And Mommy said she misses you.

  • Tisa says:

    May you Rest In Peace Paul. I will never forget your larger than life smile.

    With love and prayers,
    “The Older Model”

  • shannon bowman says:

    Paul you always made me smile and laugh. I am going to miss you. I love you!!!!!

  • Melissa L. says:


    I hate that I did not get to see you while home on my visits to SC but I am thankful we still kept in touch when me and Curtis moved to Italy and MT! I will never forget meeting you as a customer which then turned into a wonderful friendship. You were always there for me when I needed you and I always enjoyed your company! You could always make me laugh with your silliness, you egging me and Curtis on when we would bicker, or just the faces you would make! Or how about that time I was going to cook dinner for you and you had to end up cooking it for me via instructions over the phone because I was stuck in traffic, lol! I will never look at stuffed shells the same again! You would always bring that up and give me a hard time! I love you friend and I wish I could hug your neck one last time. You will be greatly missed by many who love you!

  • Micky J Wilkerson says:


    Words cannot describe how I feel. My buddy, my pupil, my friend. You had to be the most amiable person I`ve ever known. No one can ever take the memories of us working hard (yeah right) on 3rd shift then going to work out at the gym afterwards. A snot nose kid (you 23 years old) I took under my wing and a hardened 28 year old (me) learning from each other, growing up together, an odd friendship but a meaningful one. I taught you machining…….gave you a nickname……gave you advice on relationships and kids, but buddy you taught me so much more. I watch you grow up, mature. I am pround to have called you……. friend.

    Love you Grasshoppa

  • Chrissy Favazzo Hancock says:

    My best friend. I love you. You will live on in my heart as long as I have breath.

  • Danny Tedlock says:

    Oh Paul, where do I begin. Who wouldve thought that when you sat next to me, the new kid at College Park Middle School over 20 years ago that from that day on, we would be brothers. We grew up to become men together. We’ve been there for eachother when one of us was hurt and we have laughed so hard that it hurt. I cant even imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for being with me through life experiences. The experiences and inside jokes we have I’ll hold close to me for as long as I live. I love you so much brother.