Ronald Zapf

By April 9, 2014 Obituaries


ZAPF, Ronald, 32 of CHARLESTON, a remodeler, died Tuesday. Arrangements are by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services.


  • Coyne Kaylor says:

    I will always hold SFC Zapf in high respect, both as a man, and as an NCO.

    • Stacey Johnson says:

      Do you know how to get in contact with his family?

      • Robert zapf says:

        I just found out. He was a good man and good soldier. You will be miss cousin

        • Jacob Dalton says:

          Robert, do you have any information on the funeral arrangements? There are a good number of Ron’s comrades who would like to pay their respects to him. If there’s any info on the arrangements, I can relay it out to those who would like to say goodbye

  • Stacey Johnson says:

    I am a friend of Ron’s from the Army and he stood in my wedding. I was wondering if anyone could give me info on a funeral or memorial about him. Thank you.

  • Dillon Sillivant says:

    I’m a neighbor and friend of Ron’s for the last couple years and I was hoping to find out the same info. I will try and find out from his girlfriend or neighbors and will let know. He was such a great guy and a loss to anyone that knew him.

  • Jacob Dalton says:

    I served two tours w/ Ron in Iraq. He was an outstanding soldier and an exceptional NCO. His loss is not an easy one to replace, and his memories and heroics will stay with me. I am trying to get the funeral arrangements relayed to his fellow troopers. I know he was respected and admired by many of those who served with him, and we all want to pay our respects. As soon as they’re available, I would also like to know the specifics of the funeral arrangements so I can let his friends know.

  • Yesenia says:

    A great person all around. I remember him always greeting people with a smile despite the circumstances. I regret not having the opportunity to share more time together. May you rest in peace Ronald Zapf.

  • Jackie says:

    Drill Sgt Zapf was the best leader and teacher anyone could ask for. He helped shape hundreds of soldiers and will be dearly missed.

  • Pat says:

    Ron may you be at peace.

  • John Allen says:

    Ron and I served together at Fort Jackson while he was a Drill Sergeant. Can’t say enough about him and like everyone else would like details.

  • Roxanne Ingram (SGT, ARNG) says:

    Ron aka DS ZAPF was one of my drill sergeants in Nov 2010-Feb 2011 at Fox Company 360th in Fort Jackson, SC. He had a good sense if humor, and as a good DS should, he used it against his soldiers. I respected him as a drill sergeant and although he wasn’t one of my (1st) platoon drill sergeants, I could tell he was respected by them. I didn’t know him very well otherwise, but I will always remember him because he was one of the first NCOs that molded me into a soldier. May he rest in peace, and my condolences go out to his family and friends.

  • Jason Walters says:

    An awesome friend, leader, and mentor. He will truly be missed RIP my friend, your battle has come to an end. You will never be forgotten

  • William Himes says:

    I didn’t get to serve with Ron very long, but was honored to have served with him as Drill Sergeants. He was a wealth of knowledge and always gave me great advice. He also had the type of personality that could cheer you up immediately. He will be missed by not only me but by those whose lives he touched.

  • Stacey Johnson says:

    I’m pretty sure the family doesn’t want any support from non family members. There will be no public funeral or memorial and his remains are being cremated. Sorry for sounding cold, but that is the information I received.

  • TySalaam Bowman says:

    I had the honor and privilege to serve as Ron’s company commander while he was assigned to F Co 3/60th. Ron was a great Soldier who inspired and touched the lives of many. He will be truly missed. I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the Zapf family.

  • Kaylee Dodd says:

    Ron was not only a friend, but a mentor. He was my Drill Sergeant during basic training and helped form me into the soldier I am today. I will forever be greatful for everything he has done for me. He and I were from the same area and when he returned he was always there to lend advice on my career and life alike. He was a great mentor and an even better friend. He will truly be missed. I wish we could know more details about his passing so we may all rest easier. My deepest sympathies to the Zapf familiy.

  • Riley says:

    Ron is also one of my friends, He was one of the coolist Guys I’ve ever meet! R.I.P Sgt Ron!
    I hope you see this young skywalker!


  • Brian says:

    RIP Ron

  • Cassie Barton says:

    Rest in peace, my friend.

  • Joe C says:

    RON was a great Human being and like a brother.
    Served his country proudly, helped his brothers without hesitation.
    Sadly gone way too soon.

    You will be missed Never forgotten.
    Rest In Peace ‘Skillet’

  • Tina Elsesser Miller says:

    I can’t believe that this is true, you are gone. Fly with the angels and be free. We grew up together and went to school together from pre-k up. You had so much more to give this world, Ron you will never be forgotten and will always be loved by us all.

    We love and miss you always.
    Tina aka momme

  • Cliff Wheeler says:

    My condolences to friends and family on the loss of an exceptional Soldier and a very respected leader. Meet you at Fiddler’s Green, brother.

  • travis michael parillo says:

    R.I.P. Buddy. You were a great NCO and more of a good froend. U always watched out for me in Bandit troop. And its was nice bowling woth you and coming over for corn hole. Garry owen 7 1st. Love u brother. See u in fiddlers green. -Parillo-

  • Charles Kesling says:

    I was sad to hear about Ron’s (Skillet’s) sudden passing I attended high school with him in West Mifflin, PA.. Although I haven’t seen him in at least over a decade, I am sincerely and deeply touched that so many people looked up to him and had an impact in your lives. I remember him as friendly, laid back guy who I may not have been close with, but got along with just fine.(as did many others) It makes me wish I would have known him better in his life on this earth, or at least to see him a few more times…but all of your entries give me a small idea of the man he is, especially from family, friends and fellow soldiers. I just found out in recent years that Ron served his country, and commend and appreciate him for his service. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

    With Utmost Sympathy

    • Eric wheeler says:

      I share the comrade of being a brother in arms with Skillet.He’s a soldier I’m a Marine the crazy things Is like over 20yrs ago when he moved to Elm street. I can remember it like yesterday I said to him idk why u look like a skillet he was a few years younger and the name stuck over all threes years! Just a little FYI for you buddy.

      • Charles Kesling says:

        Hello Eric, I take your Ryan’s Brother Correct? I didn’t know he lived on my street….I moved on Elm in 1999 next to Skip. Anyway just realized after adding my post, that when Ron was younger he lived right next door to my cousin Ed in Lincoln Place ( I imagine when his parents were still together) Someone also reminded me how funny he was and the sense of humor he had….he was featured on a national news program in 2007 on NBC, only could find transcripts online, would see how to get a copy and get it posted on YouTube or something to share it. I also honored his life and sacrifice in a quiet respectful way on May 8th, VE day and the one month Anniversary of his passing. Thanks for your Service Eric, hope to run into you sometime….

  • Derrick White says:

    I served in Korea, Ft. Stewart, and Iraq with Ron. He was without a doubt a great person and friend. I will miss you my friend. God bless your family and Rest In Peace.