Timothy Edwin Hampton

By June 17, 2013 Obituaries

Timothy Edwin Hampton, 34, of Charleston, husband of Patricia Hampton, passed away Friday, June 14, 2013.

Tim was born April 8, 1979, a son of Stephen Edwin Hampton of Aurora, CO and Debra Yvonne Johnson Hampton of Charleston. He was a proud veteran of the US Marine Corp, and he loved his current job as a carrier for the USPS, working alongside his good friend, Jake. He was a free spirit, an avid adventure seeker that loved listening to rock and roll and enjoyed eating barbeque. Tim loved his family dearly, and they loved him. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and beloved dog, Cole.

In addition to his wife and parents, Tim is survived by his brother, Erik Hampton (Amy) of Ramstein, Germany, grandparents, Mike Prado (Gaylene) of Thornton, CO, mother-in-law, Sabine Nagy of Germany, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Services will be private. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in Tim’s honor to Owl’s Nest Recovery Community, 2528 West Palmetto Street, Florence, SC 29501.


  • Rachel Gooding says:

    Hampton Family,
    I am deeply sorry for your loss. Tim was a fantastic person. The Tim I knew was full of life and full of laughter. And… He LOVED his momma! I lost contact with Tim over the years, but to me, he will always be that teenager in the football jersey with the huge smile on his face. Where Tim was, Erik was close by. I remember them being best of friends and doing everything together. Lots of fun memories with them. I pray you will find peace in knowing Tim is at peace. My love to you all.
    The Gooding Family

  • Stephen Edwin Hampton (Father) says:

    My son Tim will be missed every day for the rest of my life. His wife Patricia will be held close to us in prayers and comfort in any way possible. They say that it’s a terrible thing to bury your child. I am very blessed to know he entered into the eternal rest and comfort of Jesus Christ who is his personal Lord and Savior. He will greet us when it is our time to meet The Lord. I love you Tim, it was too soon for you to leave us. Love, DAD & Tim always called me Pops

  • Jacque Smiley says:

    I remember my nephews Tim & Erik coming over to our house and me thinking I could out wrestle them! I remember taking them to play paintball and Tim following so close behind me so he wouldn’t get shot! it was so funny! Turns out he shot me right in the rear end!! It is so funny to think of it now! He was a wonderful young spirit who we will miss for the rest of our lives! Rest now…

    We all love you! Aunt Jacque & Uncle Allan, Chris and Ben

  • Carole Hampton (step parent) says:

    Tim entered my life in June of 1989 when my son and I met the three Hampton guys at a single parents retreat. The next day, this little 10 year old boy made the comment about how neat it would be if his father and I got married, he, Erik and Chris would be step brothers. Two years later it happened. We have many memories of fun times together camping and different weekend activities until the boys relocated to Charleston. As an adult, Tim and I had many onversations regarding food and sharing recipes. How he loved to Barbeque and cook! Patricia, you will always be our daughter-in-law. Thanks for being such a great and loving wife to Tim. He left us far too soon and will be greatly missed. Love to you, Tim, I know you are at peace.

  • Gaylene Prado says:

    We have lost a wonderful grandson and our hearts are heavy but know that Tim is in a better place now with no more pain. He and his brother Erik gave us many hours of joy and Tim loved to get in the dog house with our Doeberman and have me to look for him. He was a “prankster” and we loved it never knowing what he would pull on us next. We will miss him. God Rest your Soul. and Dear God please help his loving wife Patricia and his momma Debra..

  • sissi larson says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of such a young soul. My heart breaks that my words can’t bring him back. But he and his Mom are in my prayers……………..

  • Diane Scher says:

    For the Families and Friends of Tim Hampton–Please accept my deepest sympathy. It was quite a shock to learn that Tim passed away last Friday.

    This is a very sad time. Tim was a wonderful neighbor. He always had a smile, and I admired him for his steady work ethic, the perfect looking mail carrier off to work everyday. He looked so spiffy in his crisply ironed and clean uniform. He always had a smile if I was outside. We would exchange hellos. He almost looked like a spunky kid on his way to school. Quite an adorable picture!

    He appeared to be prompt, never missing a day. Tim was (as Pat was, also) a kind, generous neighbor, ready to help my husband and I, anytime, if we needed help with something.. He was ready, on the spot to offer a hand.

    From my vantage point, both Tim, and his lovely wife Patricia appeared to be such great companions–a loving and devoted couple. It was a pleasure to see.

    I enjoyed seeing them meticulously pack up their car for camping and road trips.

    Almost every day, I could see them walk their beloved dog Cole. It was a pleasure to them. Many times, it was a pleasure to see how devoted they were to this big, black, lovable pet companion. Tim and Pat would throw the ball for Cole, and he responded in a loving way to them.. They were devoted to each other..

    The three looked so happy together. I will miss that picture, and others. Both Tim and Patricia added so much of their gentle spirit to our neighborhood with their smiles and friendliness, especially for me and my late husband, Bill.

    My heart goes out to you, Patty, and both of your families and the many close friends.

    It’s heartbreaking that Tim will not be here, but at the same time, while he was alive, he gave so much light to all he touched in his life. We were lucky to know him. He was a good person and friend. It was an honor to know him. We will miss him here at Meridian Place. God speed.

    I pray that everyone who knew and loved Tim, will find comfort, peace, and healing during this difficult time, while cherishing the memories of Tim. I will remember.

    Bless You.
    Diane Scher

    • Steve Hampton says:

      Thank you so very much Diane for these encouraging words… I remember meeting you when Carole & I visited Tim & Patty. Tim impacted the world and I can’t believe he’s moved on to paradise
      Steve (father) & Carole Hampton (stepmom)

  • Donna Chesborough says:

    A little know fact: I was engaged to Tim once.

    As a good friend with Debra, many years ago I was out celebrating New Year’s Eve with her and Tim. Just before midnight I lamented that another year was passing and I was still single. I stated that I had wanted to be engaged before the year ended. Tim listened to my story, picked up a swizzle stick from the table, he quietly twisted it into the shape of a ring, placed it on my finger and sweetly asked me to marry him!

    He touched my heart and put a smile on my face. I will miss him.

    Rest in peace Tim.

  • Tim says:


  • adam hagan says:

    Tim and I (and Erik) were close friends in high school, but lost touch soon after. We all had some great time being kids getting into trouble. I haven’t been in touch in well over a decade, but my heart goes out to his mom and brother. i will never forget those times.

  • Gaylene Prado says:

    This is another day to start our healing process of the loss of our beloved Tim Hampton. We will never forget the beautiful memories he leaves behind. God rest your soul and watch over his loving wife Patricia and his devoted mother Debra and his only brother Erik. Keep them in your loving hands…..Rest in Peace Timmy. We love you.

  • Erik Hampton says:

    Each day passes that I don’t have Tim in my life is a healing process. My great little brother entered this world when I was only 2 and we were inseparable for life. I loved him so much and still do even after the Lord closed his eyes forever. It will never fully heal but I reminisce on the great times we had growing up together. We still acted like kids well after we became adults. Tim married the love of his life Patricia and she was such a blessing for him and the rest of the family. Patty (as I call her) will always be my sister and I hope to get closer to her even though we are pretty tight now. I see Tim’s wonderful life through her beautiful eyes, so in essence I see Tim every time I see her. Those eyes have sadness in them but so much strength and resilience. I know it will take time for those eyes to sparkle again. My lovely Mom was mine and Tim’s role model for life. She was our parent and loved us so much and did/do everything for us. We would go on so many trips and she would always find a way to make her kids happy. I love my Mom so much and even though were very close before Tim’s passing, this event has made us more inseparable. Timmy…………I love you bro and I know that we’ll see each other again in the afterlife. RIP dude, you were so special to me and will forever be my best friend.

  • Eric, Darlene, Justin & Isaiah says:

    Dearest Debra, Steve, Erik, & Patty.
    I am so sorry for your loss and know that Tim will be forever missed. We have such good memories of him when they were small. When Casandra & I were living with Debra and the boys and the many memories we have of Tim with his wonderful smile, laid back nature, just like his Dad. And his laugh would fill the apartment. And how our children were just like siblings, they were so close.
    I never want to experience what you and Steve have had to go through with the loss of your son. But I know that God also doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And sometimes words can never express our thoughts or sorrow that I feel for the both of you, and the sorrow we also feel and the grief we are experiencing. Even though the miles have caused the relationship to become distant he was and still is in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts. Praying for you all that God will shine His face upon you and bless you with His peace that surpases all understanding. Love you all bunches.
    Blessings to you & yours,
    Darlene, Eric, Justin, & Isaiah