Multi-Step ID Process

At Simplicity we fully understand how important it is for families to feel at ease when they place their loved ones in our care.  It is so vitally important that we have your complete trust and faith with your loved one that we developed a multi-step identification system to ensure that your loved one’s cremated remains are returned to you.

1. Initial physical identification check/safeguarding personal identity

Upon arrival of our staff member(s) to the facility, hospital or deceased’s home, we check your loved one for ID bracelets or other identification bands that accurately match the individual we are bringing into our care.  If no identification exists, we will verify with individuals at home or the facility that the correct individual is being taken into our care. We will then place our own unique identification tag on the deceased.

2. Your loved one never leaves our care

At Simplicity​, your loved one remains under our professional care and supervision at all times. One of our staff members will accompany your loved one to the funeral home/crematory.  We transfer individuals using only our compassionate and trained staff members. We do not use a third-party transfer service.

3. Unique tracking system

Upon arrival, your loved one’s information is placed into our tracking system and assigned a unique identification number on a metal disk. This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process from entrance into our funeral home/crematory until the cremated remains are returned to the family. Our tracking system includes the date and time of arrival at our facility, as well as the name of the staff member bringing your loved one into our care.  Personal effect items will be cataloged for safe keeping until they are returned to the family.

4. Family identification

A family member may, and is encouraged to, personally identify their loved one at Simplicity.  If a family member chooses not to identify their loved one, they may provide a State Driver’s License or State Photo I.D. of the individual.  A photocopy will be made and added to the funeral home files. This ID will be used by the funeral director and certified crematory operator to positively identify the deceased.

5. Checks and balances

Two individuals, the certified crematory operator and a funeral home staff member, will review all cremation paperwork and permits. This is to ensure authorizations and permits have been received and have been properly documented. Once all documentation is verified, the cremation superintendent will sign the cremation order authorizing that the actual cremation may take place.

6. Cremation log book

Immediately prior to the cremation process, your loved one is taken to the cremation chamber and their personal identification is noted in our cremation log book. This log shows the name of the individual date and time of the cremation, the identification number on the disk and certified crematory operator’s name. Our crematory log is dated, and the start time is noted and initialed by a crematory operator before and after the cremation.       

7. Details during the cremation

The crematory identification metal disk is placed inside the cremation chamber during the cremation process.

8. Details after the cremation

After the cremation is complete, the crematory identification metal disk is recovered. The cremated remains, along with the metal identification disk are placed in an urn and returned to the family.  A record of the identification number is placed into our permanent files.

9. Return of the cremated remains

Our staff will notify you to schedule a time for receipt of the cremated remains. At this time we will provide a dignified setting in which to receive the urn and cremation certificate.  A cremated remains release document will be signed, and photo ID shown to the funeral home staff to verify the cremated remains are given to the correct and authorized individual. This transfers the custody of the cremated remains from the funeral home to the next of kin or individual authorized to receive the cremated remains.

If you have further questions about our process, feel free at any time to contact us at (843) 779-1775.