Memorialization Services

Your loved one deserves to be remembered in a way that represents who they were. With memorialization services from Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation & Burial Services Inc, we’ll help you discover a wide variety of memorialization options that serve to celebrate your loved one.
These services can be completed before a funeral, or afterward. We understand that remembrance and grieving do not run on a specific timeline and that creating these memorial pieces can bring a sense of closure and peace, long after a funeral service.

Merchandise Options

Whether you’re choosing to arrange your own funeral or are designing a meaningful service for someone close to you, deciding on the right type of memorial, the best cemetery location, and even the merchandise can be overwhelming.

Our advisors at Simplicity can help you sort through the types of merchandise options that are available to you.

Caskets and Urns

If your loved one opted for a traditional burial after their funeral service, we will help you find the perfect casket for them.

When a cremation is completed, the family can choose to place the ashes in an urn, a small container that is completely customizable. Some families may choose to make their own urns out of items that the deceased held close to their heart, such as a jewelry box.

Both traditional caskets and urns are available in a variety of materials, from metal to high-quality wood, and even marble.

You’re not limited to how you can honor the life of your loved one. Every step of the way, we will help you find the personalized merchandise that best showcases everything you loved about that person. For more information on our available merchandise options call us today at (843) 779-1775​.