Thomas Scott "Scotty" Wyndham


The Life of Thomas Scott Wyndham, Also known as "Scotty". 


He was born on June 11th, 1969. 


He enjoyed Boating, Fishing, Hunting and Oystering.

He made an amazing impact in  everyones life that he touched.

He was a loving, attentive man, that was a friend to everyone, always offering a helping hand. He loved his wife and two children that were lucky enough to have him for a few precious years. We were the luckiest ones of all. He was extremely close to his mother Lyn whom he loved dearly, also his brother BJ and his sister Shelly which he was so close to. He had a dear friend that he grew up with, his name is David, Red  Boy he loved him.

He would always turn things around for the best and see the good in everyone. His wife and his 2 children Sean and Ryan were with him through the good and the bad times. Scott was an amazing Father and Husband for over 19 Precious Years. He will forever be Young and Handsome. Scott told me one day towards the end that he was content, had made peace & accomplished most everything that he set out to do in his life. He will Never be Forgotten & He will always be Loved!