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Linda Herbert

Obituary of Linda Herbert

Linda Herbert was born on May 28th, 1971 in Spartanburg, SC. She was the daughter of Paulina and Bobby McKinnish. Growing up, she was surrounded by 6 other siblings: June, Steve, Missy, David, Sam, and Phil. On January 24th, 1991, Linda had her oldest daughter, Amber. For 7 years, it was Linda and Amber until they met Kenny Herbert in 1998. On March 12, 1998, Linda and Kenny got married. At this time, Linda gained a stepson, Justin. Linda and Kenny had two more children, Katrina and Ryan. For most of her life, Linda was a homemaker for her family, apart from waitressing at Alex’s Restaurant in Goose Creek, SC from 2010-2013. In 2016, Linda became a grandparent to Hunter, and later Hayden in 2018. Her family describes her as brave, strong, and carefree. Her husband and three children are choosing to each share a bit about her below.

            Kenny- I was never really a believer in the old saying “when you meet the right person, you’ll know it,” or love at first sight. I was wrong. I don’t really understand but when I met Linda, somehow, I knew this was the woman I was supposed to be with. In my heart, I believe the good Lord above showed me the way. You can call it what you want, fate, destiny, but I think I had a helping hand and so did Linda. Her daughter, Amber, quickly became close to me, and I to her. I soon realized when the time came, not only did I need to propose to her mother, but to her also, and that is what I did. I can honestly say we have had a wonderful life together. We were always there for each other through the good and the bad. She was such a great wife, mother, and best friend. My heart is truly broken. I unexpectantly lost this great woman and it hurts so much. I can only hope that time will heal and help me find my way. She will be with me forever!

            Ryan- I could not have asked for a better mom. There was never a time when I was feeling down when she did not try to cheer me up. She always made sure I was never ashamed of myself because I was different from the other kids at school. I do not think I would have even graduated if it were not for her. I am glad that she always had time for me like watching tv and movies on Saturday nights, even when I would give her nightmares by having her watch the Walking Dead. Mom was always there for me no matter what the situation was. I love you so much mom.

            Katrina- My mom was my very best friend. She made me feel loved and special every single day. Around my parent’s house, there are so many things that say “home is where mom is” and this is so true. My mom was my home. I have my own home now with my husband, but it is a different type of home. Mom was my first home and every time I came back, there was this sense of comfort and happiness from just being with her. She always knew what I was feeling just by looking at me. When I was happy, I loved sharing it with her. When I was sad, she was who I wanted hugging me. When I was angry, she was who I wanted to complain to. She was everything. When I got married, she tried telling me that my husband was there to do all of that now, which he is. But I still went to her because she was my first home, and she had this presence that made everything feel okay. When I was younger, she made sure I had all the materials I needed to play school so I could pretend to be the teacher. She even went as far as to make real food for lunch for my pretend students. As I got older and grew a love for reading, she would make sure I always had a new book to read. Once I got to middle school and wanted to have colorful hair, she would dye my hair for me. I remember thinking how cool my mom was because she was helping me dye my hair bright pink. She never made me feel like my ideas were silly or too ambitious. She taught me so much about being an amazing person and wife. The way she enjoyed life or lived carelessly inspired me. The way she took care of my dad and loved him inspired me to be the type of wife she was. The way she took care of all of us will always stay with me, and I plan to be the type of mom she was to us for my future children. I only hope to make her proud by being the best teacher, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and future mother that I can be.

            Amber- When I was born, while still in the hospital- my mom told me that she looked at me and said, “it’s us against the world,” and it always was. She had me very young and for many years, it was just me and her. We grew up together. She worked so hard to make sure I had everything I ever wanted or needed. I was so happy when she found a great man and started a family that we always deserved. If you knew me and mom, you knew people used to joke about me still being attached to the umbilical cord because if mom was somewhere, I was not far. And do not think that changed just because I’m 30. She was my best friend. She was the first to find out I was having her grand babies and oh, was she happy! She loved those babies with her whole heart. She would do anything for her boys. And she was their world. Even with her bad back, she would get down on the floor with her grand babies and play all day. I hope I am making her proud of the mom I am to my boys, because she showed me how to be a mom.  She was so carefree, and I loved that. If I was anxious about anything, she was the one to calm me down and make me smile. She touched a lot of people in her life, and I know many people love her dearly. She taught me to be strong and keep fighting even when things are hard, and I hope she will guide me through doing that now. 

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