Judy Serin

Obituary of Judy Linda Serin

Let's gather at this moment, which you're reading or sharing, to celebrate Judy Linda Serin's beautiful life.

Judy was born in 1949 in Buffalo, New York, to Leon and Betty. From the moment she arrived in the world, her brilliant smile, curiosity, and giggling laughter touched everyone she met!

An avid lover and creator of photography, pottery, fashion, visual art, rock and roll and blues, Judy was an artist at heart. She was delighted to share creative projects with all kinds of people. Animals of all kinds adored her, basked in her loving energy, and always felt safe in her presence. In her final years, she became an avid hockey fan, and she mellowed into the fun the world has to offer. Her favorite foods were maple, molasses, sponge candy from Buffalo, and pizza with artichoke hearts. She loved spending time in the kitchen with friends and family, preparing meals for everyone to share.

Judy gently introspectively explored what it means to live a creative life and challenged us to be present as we grow into our gifts and ourselves as people. She left this world a better place than when she found it because she had the courage to share her joys with innocence and love. She leaves behind a legacy of remembering to enjoy the moment you're in—the present is such a gift! She is survived by her loving sister Joy, brother Chris, and daughter Laura. She was beloved by local Hilton Head friends Nancy and Melanie - loyal friends who stood by her side, supported her, and gave her a most precious goodbye.

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